Sugar-Coated Haws Style Anal Plug – Progressively Larger


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Slide in bit-by-bit with this progressively larger butt plug! 

This specific plug has a sleek design with 5 stimulation beads in various diameters. The first and smallest one has a spherical tip and measures 0.8 inch in diameter, while the second is slightly bigger at 1 inch, and followed are a 1.12 inch bead, a 1.25 inch bead, and finally a 1.35 inch bead. These beads make sure you will feel every movement of the plug hitting all the right places! The plug has an insertable length of 5.75 inches and a well-designed end bar so it cannot slip in further than it is meant to go. On the bottom of the plug is a bar that can easily attach to a rope or chain for extra bedroom fun!


Material: Aluminum Alloy