The Chastity Time Lock


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No matter how much you beg and plead, this ingenious lock has a set release that ensures you serve your time! While most locks rely on human whims, this digital lock controls whatever it is attached to- use it for bondage, ball gags, or deny access to a favorite toy. Revel in a complete loss of power, whether you are being punished by your owner or engaging in escape-proof self-bondage. One of our favorite ideas is to lock up the key of a chastity device in a box or cabinet. You will have to stare at the time left, building anticipation and arousal with each passing second. The lock is USB rechargeable, with a range from 1 minute up to 99 hours. That is over four days of being trapped or restrained, with no hope of escape except to wait out your time until the countdown is finished.When the timer has finally run down, a tone sounds, signaling your release. The interface is easy to use and instructions are included. Just make sure the lock is fully charged and structurally sound prior to securing it- once it is on, there is no escape!

Use of this lock is best when enjoying with a partner. That way, they can assist you when needed. If you prefer using the lock for self-bondage play, we suggest giving your partner a heads-up.Prior to applying the lock, make sure that the battery is completely charged and everything is in top working order.Do not use the lock while under the influence of any stimulants, alcohol, or anything that would cause dizziness or drowsinessA good idea would be to work your way up to longer periods of lockdown time. Start with a few minutes and then gradually work up until you can use the lock for longer periods of time.If you need to immediately remove the lock, you can use a pair of cutting pliers to break the locking bracket.

Measurements: 1.5 inches in length, 1.75 inches in length. Locking bracket is .1 inch thick. Suitable for holes up to 4mm in diameter

Material: ABS plastic, metal.

Color: Black.

Note: Charges via USB. Includes lock, charger, and instructions only.